KY Community Early Childhood Councils 1+1 Workshop Registration Program


In support of the work the Kentucky Governor's Office of Early Childhood is doing to mobilize communities for the education and development of our youngest citizens, Steely Library is offering a 1+1 workshop registration to the local Community Early Childhood Councils.  Via this program, the local Council can register for one of the READiness Matters online workshops and Steely will match that registration with one free enrollment provided to the community's local library staff.

Libraries can play a unique and highly inclusive role in our communities’ efforts to support early childhood literacy and school preparation for.  Every child, whether or not enrolled in pre-school or cared for in day care centers, can have access to library programming and outreach that focuses upon their intellectual, social, and emotional development. 

The Online/Anytime professional development workshops offered by Steely Library will support these local efforts, providing critical continuing education in a cost- and time-effective way.  Professionals involved in early childhood education and development can take these workshops at any time, from any geographic location.

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How Does the 1+1 Registration Program Work?

When a member of  a local Community Early Childhood Council registers for one READiness Matters workshops, Steely Library will provide one free workshop registration to a children’s programming librarian in the same community.

All the Council member must do to provide this free registration for a local librarian is choose the CECC 1+1 Referral Program from the “How Did You Hear About Us” drop down menu on the registration form.

We’ll take it from there; Steely Library will contact the local library to offer the free registration!

Workshops Currently Available Through the 1+1 Registration Program

  • Any of our READiness Matters Workshops!!

Are you a Kentucky Public Librarian or Staff Member who does Children's Programming?

Contact your local Community Early Childhood Council to see if they will register for one of these workshops to support your free registration.

In addition, these four READiness Matters workshops, as well as others, are available for individual registration even if you are not working with your local Council in this 1+1 program.  To register for any workshops, click here

The 1+1 Registration offer is good for only one free workshop enrollment for a Kentucky public librarian or staff member per one paid Community Early Childhood Council registration.  The Council enrollment and the enrollment from a member of the public library can be in the different workshops.