Library Career Development FAQ

  • + What is the LSSC ALA certification?
    LSSC is designed to recognize the value and accomplishments of Library Support Staff.  The LSSC Program is managed by the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA).  For more information about this certificate please visit http://ala-apa.org/lssc/
  • + How much do the workshops cost and are there any other fees?
    Our 3 CEU workshops cost $380 and our 1 CEU workshops cost $125.  There are a few workshops that require a book that would have to be purchased.  When you are registering an informational box shows up giving the book that is required.
  • + What is your refund policy?
    Instructor Facilitated Workshops
    • Students who drop the workshop before the workshop starts or before they access lesson modules will receive a 100% refund minus a $30 processing fee.
    • Students who drop the workshop within the first week of the start of workshop will receive a 50% refund minus a $30 processing fee.
    • No Refund will be given after the 1st week of the start of workshop.
    Online Anytime Workshops
    • Students who drop the workshop before they access any lesson modules will receive a 100% refund minus a $30 processing fee.
    • No Refund will be given if modules have been accessed.
    Face to Face Workshops
    • Student cancels 2 weeks before workshop a refund of 100% minus a $30 processing fee will issued.
    • Students who do not cancel 2 weeks prior to start date of workshop or do not show to the workshop - no refund will be available.
    Cancellations by registrants must be made by phone (859-572-5600). If NKU/Continuing Education needs to cancel a workshop due to insufficient enrollment numbers, instructor, etc. the student will be refunded 100% with no processing fee.
  • + What is Your Drop/Add Policy?
    If you are dropping a workshop please see our refund policy.  If you are wishing to add a workshop you may do so through the first week of when a faciliated workshop starts. For online anytime workshops these may be added whenever you are ready to proceed with accessing the workshop materials.  These workshops run for a duration of 6 months and can be completed at your leisure.  Please keep in mind however, we cut off any new registration two weeks before the registration window closes in order to allow the participant time to complete the workshop.
  • + Will these workshops count for college credit?
    These workshops do not count towards college credit.  However, if you are interested in our college courses please visit the Library Informatics section and find out more information about the classes that are offered.
  • + Is there Tuition Assistance available?
    At this time we do not have tuition assistance available for this program.  We would encourage registrants to talk with their library to see if they would be able to provide any funding.
  • + What is the difference between facilitated and online anytime workshops?
    Facilitated Workshops are online sessions with synchronous instructor and multple participant interaction.  These workshops are 8 week sessions.

    Online Anytime Workshops are always available adn can be taken indepedently and completely on your own schedule.